At recent times, one of the main works done in the direction of the development of the science, according to the charter dated October 21, 2009 of the President Ilham Aliyev is to establish the Science Development Foundation.

The purpose of setting up the foundation is to save scientific-technical potential in the country, to use efficiently this potential in the development of economy, to enhance the role of science and technique in solving important social problems, introduced by the scientific organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan, scientific institutes, other appropriate organizations and people, in natural, technical, humanitarian and social fields, bearing importance for the state and society, fundamental, practical and research-innovation scientific-research, programs, projects and other scientific events, to stimulate scientific activities of the scientists and to create additional opportunities.

To enlarge scientific information and innovation reserves of the state, to promote investigation of natural resources, cultural and historical heritage of the country, to prompt the productivity of conducted researches, to provide the representation of Azerbaijan in world scientific arena, to widen the relations between foreign and international organizations that operate in science-research field, to learn and implement foreign practice, to build collaboration with non-state and other organizations, to exchange scientific information, to obtain mass character of the science is the goals of the Science Development Foundation.

Starting from the first of day of working the Science Development Foundation set to support the development of science actively, spread information about scientific results gained in Azerbaijan abroad, renovate or strengthen on very contemporary level scientific researches logistical devices and gadgets base in scientific organizations, at the same time, to draw special attention to foster young cadres, organize different scientific events, provide participation of scientists in experience increment abroad, maintain scientific editions and the solutions or some other issues like that as a goal. In this case, the foundation, as an organization that brings additional and effective stimulus, agility and new approach and paves the way to bring together and for collaboration of young scientists who work in academic, educational systems and other organizations in the country.